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"Paris Haute Couture" marine collagen

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Collagen ‘In & Out’ in all its glory for lasting results


Nurture your collagen from Inside


Care your skin with collagen glow

Collagen Vital Paris

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Collagen Vital


Drink up the benefits of marine collagen peptides



Instant glow with simple beauty routines

Innovative french company

Leader in marine collagen of excellence from natural origin with a comprehensive line of collagen-based supplements focusing each of your needs.

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  • High concentration
  • Bioavailability
  • Functional peptides
  • Rapid assimilation
  • Signal effect
  • Selected and patented active ingredients


  • 20 years of expertise in collagen
  • Science backup with clinical studies
  • Recommended by physicians

Natural & Clean Label

  • Only natural active ingredients
  • Free of preservatives, gluten, nanoparticles, GMOs, harmful chemicals, endocrine perturbators, paraben

Tailored Solutions

  • Comprehensive line focusing each of one’s needs
  • Beauty and wellness protocols
  • Compatible with all diets and prescriptions
  • Synergic action In & Out

Seen in press magazins

Elle magazine

Among cosmetic beverages:

Collagen Vital’s ultra-concentrated marine collagen peptide powder boosts the skin’s ability to remain toned and firm. It’s the real regenerative vital anti-aging solution.

Madame Figaro Magazine

The solution for plumped skin and smoothed fine lines?

The all-new Collagen Vital Power, an extra-concentrated formula in marine collagen, bioavailable and effective in four weeks.

Vogue Magazine

The VOGUE selection of the best collagen food supplements:

Coupled with hyaluronic acid, this may be the miracle solution for plumping up the skin.

Liberty's Magazine

From the VITA Recherche cosmetic laboratories, a pioneer in the use of collagen, this COVELINE day and night cream will seduce you with its outstanding formula built up around this superb ingredient: marine collagen.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Special Hair / Food supplements:

With each change of season, we treat ourselves to a cure. After 6 to 8 weeks, we notice the first regrowth, then a little more volume and shine.

Marie-Claire Magazine

The Beauty editorial team’s favorites: ultra-concentrated Collagen Vital Power.

After testing all the collagen supplement options that are popping up on the market, that of VITA Recherche stands out from the crowd and immediately seemed serious to me. I started my treatment with the aim of plumping, hydrating and smoothing my skin. After 1 month, it seems more elastic, and my nails are stronger and less brittle.

Our values

Icon France, Production 100% made in France

Made In France

Production 100% in France
High Quality products
Thoroughly selected ingredients

Icon Authenticity, only with natural active ingredients.


Meet everyone’s needs only with natural active ingredients. Help you to live in harmony with yourself

Icon Secured Quality, Regular quality and control at all stages

Secured Quality

Regular quality and control at all stages
Highest pharmaceutical standards
ISO certified laboratory

Icon Innovation, Provide always the best out of the collagen


Provide always the best out of the collagen molecule for beauty and health benefits, using French savoir-faire in science and biotech. Accredited innovative process for marine bio-resources

Icon Environment, Eco-responsible design Recycled packaging


Eco-responsible design
Recycled packaging, sourced from sustainably managed forest. Supporting actions for plastic-free oceans and marine diversity